10 Benefits of Resistance Training 

Resistance training is more than just building muscle mass – your brain, bones, metabolism and heart also benefit.  

Resistance training is an effective way to gain strength through weight lifting, working on resistance machines and doing body weight exercises such as: Squats, lunges, push ups and pull ups.  

Resistance training is all about pushing and pulling weighs for a high number of repetitions. This way of training improves strength and endurance. 

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What are the benefits: 

1/ Increase in your bone density – resistance training can be a safe way to increase bone density.  

2/ Improved quality of life as you age – regular exercise including resistance training will keep your body in good shape over time. Helps to ensure that you’re functional and healthy throughout life. 

3/ Boosts your metabolism – your body will burn more calories at rest, one of the great benefits of resistance training.  

4/ Healthy lungs & heart  you inhale more oxygen than usual when resistance training which improves lung capacity. Your heart rate also increases significantly which improves blood circulation and heart health.  

5/ Supports brain health – good nutrition and resistance training can have an impact on your memory and general brain health.  

6/ Improves sleep quality – resistance training helps with restful sleep and can reduce sleep problems.  

7/ Improve overall mental state – resistance training can help you feel happy & healthy. Your body releases endorphins during your training session which will provide a state of happiness. Can help to reduce stressful feelings.  

8/ Increases your confidence – build your confidence while you become stronger and leaner. Confidence, body image and energy levels all tend to rise when you are consistently resistance training.  

9/ Improve endurance – progressively increasing your resistance training can help increase endurance.  

10/ Weight management -consistent resistance training can support weight loss and maintenance of loss. Resistance training burns energy both during and after the session.  


A good exercise routine keeps you healthy not only on the outside but on the inside too. 


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