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HYPE by PowerFit is created by Grace and the PowerFit team – tried, tested and proven principles that you must know!

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Our nutritionist-approved recipes are all drool worthy! Complete with macronutrient breakdown and easy to follow methods. With access to the HYPE recipe collection you will learn how to plan your own menu, how to self-track, and prep like a boss!

All recipes are found on My Fitness Pal for easy self-tracking and are created to help you reach your goals. Whether you’re look for healthy comfort foods, meals that are family-friendly, easy pre and post workout snacks or meals suitable for weight loss, we have it all!

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You will never be bored again! Your body will be constantly guessing with a collection of workouts suitable for everyone.

No equipment-necessary home workout plans, gym workouts targeting every muscle, HIIT circuits, PowerFit AMRAP workouts- you will find the best program to follow.

We’ve got you covered with demonstration videos and the info you need to make sure your getting the most out of your workout.

We have every challenge you can imagine in our back pockets, ready for you each week!

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Mindset is a core focus at PowerFit. By having a HYPE membership, you will have 24/7 access our mindset articles to tackle whatever that comes your way. HYPE has the right article for you to sit down and read at anytime. From binge eating, gym anxiety, self-esteem, myth busting to setting the right weight loss mindset – you need this!

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Grace and the PowerFit team cover one topic each week. Get to know the Grace and learn her superstar ways – from balancing mum life, business, fitness and health; to the tips and tricks on how to face all sorts of ups and downs in your health journey.

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