High Intensity Interval Training

What is HIIT? 
HIIT training increases the amount of high intensity work performed throughout a training cycle, ultimately leading to improved adaptations to both your performance and your physique. Involves alternating bouts of high intensity exercise with low intensity exercise or rest. Your body has to spend a considerable amount of energy recovering between those all-out efforts. Essentially, you are producing so much effort in that short burst of exercise that you burn a ton of calories despite the long rest periods. Many people enjoy this form of cardio due to its similarity to resistance training along with shorter time commitment. 

powerfit high intensity interval training

How to HIIT?
Another great aspect of HIIT training is that it doesn’t need fancy or expensive equipment, it can be performed at home, in the gym or outside. Here are the main pieces of equipment you could use: 

  • Track, treadmill or just running outside on an even surface. 
  • Spin bikes or an outdoor bike 
  • Cross trainer 
  • Hill sprints 
  • Battle ropes 
  • Row machine 
  • Swimming pool 

Deciding which method is right for you will depend on your primary goal and current regime. 
Here are some examples on HIIT training with sprints –
Example 1 Short Duration Short Rest Intervals (Beginners)
8s sprints x 12s rest – Repeat for 30-60 rounds
15s sprints x 15s rest- Repeat for 20-30 rounds 

Example 2 Long Duration Long Rest (Moderate)
4min high intensity x 2 min rest- Repeat for 4 rounds
4min high intensity x 4 min rest- Repeat for 4 rounds 

Example 3 Short Duration Long Rest (Advanced)
6s sprints x 2 min rest – Repeat for 10 – 20 rounds
10s sprints x 3 min rest- Repeat for 6 – 10 rounds
15s sprints x 3 min rest- Repeat for 4-6 rounds
30s sprints x 3 min rest- Repeat for 4-6 rounds 

High Intensity Interval Training may be the most time effective way to train to reach your fitness goals. If you are short of time and just want to reap the rewards of a healthy active lifestyle then why train for 2-5 hours of cardio per week when you could get away with less than 30 minutes with HIIT? Dozens of studies have now proven that HIIT increases fat loss, VO2 Max, sprint performance, as well as general markers of health. If you are currently body building or just doing weight training, try adding in a couple of HIIT workouts per week at the end of your workouts, or as separate sessions to improve body composition along with conditioning levels. 


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