‘You vs You’

When can you begin? You can start now! We have created this challenge so that you can purchase today, and then start ANYTIME. These challenges are 100% self-paced, you will love this as the content can be personalised to fit in with YOU and YOUR schedule.


  • Learn our PowerFit flexible dieting ways, and overhaul your health journey, while competing for a magnificent $1000 worth of prizes, which are redrawn every 8 weeks!

  • Enjoy the convenient 24/7 web based access to over 250+ nutritionist approved recipes, challenge specific sample meal plans, correlating
    grab and go shopping lists, self tracking education, and weekly meal planner.

  • Train with Grace and follow along with her as you watch our brand new exercise videos, each workout has a matching downloadable workout card. Beginner or advanced, home or gym -we have a program ready for you to launch into and we will keep you accountable for every rep!

  • Let’s not forget Mindset! Our challenge area also provides you with exclusive PowerFit progress trackers and goal setting resources.

  • BONUS as part of the challenge you are also provided with 6-12 months of HYPE access, to view your online program and take full advantage of our content which is added to on a weekly basis.

Includes 6 or 12 month
HYPE Membership

FROM $144

  • Lean Down

  • Tone Up

  • Lose Weight

  • Improve Fitness

Lean Down Challenge + 6 Months HYPE $144
Lean Down Challenge + 12 Months HYPE $168
build up challenge

Includes 6 or 12 month
HYPE Membership

FROM $144

  • Build Up

  • Maintain or Gain weight

  • Build Strength

  • Build Muscle Mass

Build Up Challenge + 6 Months HYPE $144
Build Up Challenge + 12 Months HYPE $168

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Your Challenge area includes 20 weekly meal plans! These meal plans have all been created by our PowerFit nutritionists and are such a valuable way to get you started. Learn from us -read up on what YOUR body needs and where your intake should be. Follow a set meal plan and over time, begin creating your own weekly menu, using your favourite HYPE recipes.

  • 4 x Meal plans for 5 different calorie intakes (1600, 1800, 2000, 2200 & 2400)
  • Suitable for both men and women. Perfect for couples and family members that are eager to follow along together.
  • Vegetarian meal plans provided with vegan swaps easily made– Find 1 x vegetarian plan per intake
  • Lose the boredom! Our HYPE recipes are not only quick to make, but they are also family friendly and tasty!
  • Pre-written shopping lists – ready to print, simply add in what quantities you require and get shopping without the stress!
  • Education, education and a little extra education. We take you through how to calculate your intake and when to adjust your calorie intake.


NEW Challenge specific training plans written by Grace and the PowerFit team to guide you through the next 8-weeks.

  • Follow our LEAN DOWN & BUILD UP workout plans specific to the goal.
  • Planned periodisation to avoid that dreaded plateau and keep the body guessing.
  • Downloadable workout cards with graphics for quick reference
  • NEW A-Z exercise library with 30 second Instructional videos so you can follow along with Grace and perfect your technique.
  • HYPE is now a PT in your pocket
  • Home and Gym variations


Is everything isn’t it! Set yourself up for success from day 1 with your own challenge calendar and check in structure. You will have access to our check in sheet, goal setting tools and of course cheer-squad like support from both the PowerFit team, and the private Facebook forum community.

  • Find your WHY and begin with the right intentions, from day 1!
  • Establish Challenge goals
  • Weekly Check in with weight, measurement and photos
  • Then, set some mini goals

“The man on the mountain didn’t fall there”

Our HYPE challenge is absolutely everything you need, and right now, at such a fantastic price.

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Already a HYPE member?

Our new challenge is bigger and better than ever, You will get your own challenge portal, and therefore need to upgrade to the challenge plan to gain access.

When can I access the challenge content?

As soon as you purchase your challenge program you will be able to log into your own challenge portal – here you will find your challenge guidelines, calendar, meal plans and shopping lists, training program and more!

I am not yet a HYPE member but am completing a PowerFit coaching service, can I join and go in the chance to win?

Yes absolutely, we are encouraging all of our clients to join. Sign up and be part of it. The challenge and HYPE membership go hand in hand so you get 6 or 12 months HYPE access when you sign up.

Can I get a friend to join?

Yes absolutely. The more the merrier, with $1000 of prizes to be won, this challenge is going to be epic, we are so grateful for every bit of support and cannot wait to support you as you transform! Having an accountability buddy helps keep you on track and working towards your goals.

How do I know what calorie plan to be on?

We have decked out this challenge with all the tools you need to succeed, there is instructions on how to calculate your initial intake and also when to adjust it throughout the 8 weeks.

Can I receive 1-1 support during the challenge?

You can add on any of our online coaching packages and follow along in the HYPE challenge with the additional guidance from our PowerFit team. Unsure about what package to choose and how to go about it? Email us : admin@powerfitbygrace.com

I’m on a monthly HYPE membership, can I access the challenge?

You will need to upgrade your membership to either a 6 month or 12 month membership to gain access to the challenge

I’m on the old HYPE pricing, If I join the challenge do I have to upgrade to the new pricing?

Yes, you will need to upgrade to the new pricing structure. HYPE has come a long way since it first launched and we are continuously improving each week with new recipes and workouts.

What happens if I have already paid for a year of HYPE, do I have to pay again?

Your membership price will be pro-rata to account for the money you have already spent.

I signed up, and I didn’t get my email in return?

Please check your junk mail folder.

How do I gain access to the HYPE Community FB forum?

Join here

What is the start date of the challenge?

This challenge is designed to suit YOU and YOUR schedule – start ANYTIME that suits you. You will be guided through it week by week with a weekly email from Grace to keep you on track. Prizes are drawn every 8 weeks – check your challenge portal for the countdown.

How do I submit my final results and enter to win?

You can submit your questionnaire and photos via the challenge portal to be in the draw to win

Is the challenge available for men?

Absolutely, any age, gender, goal, fitness level.. as the challenge is titled, this is YOU-vs-YOU!

Let’s get it! P.s we have calorie intakes up to 2400 calories so your partner can be on the same meal plan as you – easy as!

Do I have to have a public social media platform and share my journey?

No, you do not! BUT it may be favourable so we can follow you and cheer you on throughout every step of your journey, we can offer additional motivation and love 😊

Also, you never know who you may be inspiring, we are all in this together. Against ourselves but following alongside each other. A large community of change, bettering ourselves one day at a time.

I need technical support please?

Sure, we are lucky not to have encountered many issues at all with HYPE to date, but we most certainly want to know if you discover anything and can assist with any member/login queries.

Please email hype@powerfitbygrace.com and we will be in contact.

Select your challenge and begin today!