HYPE by PowerFit, ‘You vs You’ CHALLENGE.

Finish the year STRONG and head into the silly season the BEST version of yourself. $2000 worth of prizes to be won! Access to over 150+ recipes, exclusive PowerFit training program, weekly meal planners, self-tracking education, progress trackers and goal setting resources + SO much more!!

NOTE: If you are a current HYPE member, there is no need to register! You will be granted automatic access to the challenge

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Exclusive PowerFit training Program

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Workout demo’s with Grace and her team

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Weekly meal planners and recipes

hype icon planner

Goal setting sheets and progress trackers

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Community of like-minded members

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Self-tracking education

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Step 1.


Be one of the first to pre-register and receive a FREE PowerFit shaker + your calorie intake calculated by the PowerFit Team

Step 2.


Gain immediate access to HYPE’s current content, training plans, recipes + more!

Step 3.


Watch the HYPE space transform when the first day of your challenge kicks off on November 1st!

What’s Included?

  • Access to over 150+ HYPE recipes
  • Exclusive PowerFit training program
  • Workout Demo’s by Grace and her team
  • 3 months of HYPE access
  • Exclusive access to HYPE Challenge Community Facebook group
  • Weekly Meal Planners
  • Sample meal plans
  • Self tracking education
  • Vegan and vegetarian friendly
  • Progress trackers and goal setting resources

Join now – Only $55

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Already a HYPE member?

THANK YOU for your loyalty and support thus far! Guess what… you do not need to do a thing! You are given access to the challenge content, have automatic entry and can be a part of it without doing a thing 😊

When can I access the challenge content?

The challenge officially kicks off on the 1st November. You will see HYPE transform a little in the lead up and the big changes will go live on the 1st November.

What are the changes?

We are giving HYPE a makeover; you will still have access to all of the recipes that you love and all mindset articles. The training segment is being completely overhauled and replaced with a brand-new concept that we cannot wait to share with you. There will be new free downloads, challenge documentation, more guidance to assist you in meal plan creation and MORE!

I am not yet a HYPE member but am completing a PowerFit coaching service, can I join and go in the chance to win?

Yes absolutely, we are encouraging all of our clients to join. Sign up and be part of it.

Can I get a friend to join?

Yes absolutely. The more the merrier, with $2000 of prizes this challenge is going to be epic, we are so grateful for every bit of support and cannot wait to support you as you transform!

When do I get my calculated intake if I am one of the first 60 to pre-register?

We will contact the first 60, you will know who you are. Check your automatic email response after sign up for the forms to complete and we will be in touch.

If I missed out on the offer for the first 60 to receive their calculated starting intake, how can I get this same support?

You can add on any of our online coaching packages and follow along in the HYPE challenge with the additional guidance from our PowerFit team. Unsure about what package to choose and how to go about it? Email us :

I signed up, and I didn’t get my email in return?

Please check your junk mail folder.

How do I gain access to the HYPE Community FB forum?

Join here

What is the end date of the challenge?

Challenge ends Sunday 13th December – Just in time to enjoy the silly season, feeling your best self! Prize winners to be drawn 20th December.

How do I submit my final results and enter to win?

We will have the instructions clearly stated within the challenge documents, available for download on Nov 1st, easy to locate within HYPE when the makeover takes place.

Is the challenge available for men?

Absolutely, any age, gender, goal, fitness level.. as the challenge is titled, this is YOU-vs-YOU!

Let’s get it!

Do I have to have a public social media platform and share my journey?

No, you do not! BUT it may be favourable so we can follow you and cheer you on throughout every step of your journey, we can offer additional motivation and love 😊

Also, you never know who you may be inspiring, we are all in this together. Against ourselves but following alongside each other. A large community of change, bettering ourselves one day at a time.

I am so excited, when can I start?

YAY! You can start cooking up HYPE recipes and familiarising yourself with our much-loved mindset content straight away. Day 1 of the challenge is the 1st November, but with 3 months of access included with your registration, why not begin making healthy changes today?

I need technical support please?

Sure, we are lucky not to have encountered many issues at all with HYPE to date, but we most certainly want to know if you discover anything and can assist with any member/login queries.

Please email and we will be in contact.