Welcome to Edition #2 of PowerFit books!

This PowerFit bundle is a best seller – Understandable with such INCREDIBLE value! It contains 3 of the gym-based PowerFit training plans in BOTH e-book digital file AND the brand new glossy A5 hard copy books!

These 3 books now have 2 PowerFit recipes in each! Train right AND eat well to achieve your goals NOW!

You can choose to follow one body part at a time OR you can combine all three and have 90 days of killer workouts to follow!


Think FIT ARMS! I absolutely love capped shoulders and think they are extremely important when building a fit physique. these workout plans target each area, hitting the top, front, side and rear delts. The extra upper body circuits will add some added burn and define all areas of the arm, so it is not just a shoulder challenge!


The back is the second biggest muscle group in the body so to know how to effectively train your back and arms is extremely valuable. If you are after some extra sweat and burn you will love the additional upper body circuits included in this guide. Target the lats, rhomboids, rear delts, bicep, triceps and shoulders, a full upper body 30 day transformation.


These workout plans target each area of the leg, Gluteus, Hamstrings, Quads, Calves, Inner and outer thigh and absolutely everything in-between. The mix up of cardio will fire up your fitness level and the crazy fat burning plyometric leg sessions will leave you walking about satisfied with jelly legs!


Yes, as mentioned above you CAN use them ALL! Either combine and start with Day 1 of shoulders, then day 1 of the back program and follow on with day 1 of the leg shred, rest or choose a cardio session from any of the programs, and repeat again from the top!

ADD to your order?

NEW VIDEOS – Download the BRAND new PowerFit video exercise glossary that goes with each book. EVERY single exercise videoed with a step by step explanation of HOW to correctly complete each move. This add-on is PRICELESS! Technique can make or break your results. One purchased use your unique password to watch these videos as often as you like! I can now literally be right in your pocket as you exercise 🙂

Keep yourself accountable and order the PowerFit personal planner (digital file available only) for just $4.95 and print off as many copies as you like to record all of your workouts and stay on track!

You will LOVE this bundle, no matter what your previous training experience, these plans have all of the info you need. All books include a full photo exercise glossary and rep range recommendations to suit you according to your individual goals!

Grace xx