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Welcome to Edition #2 of the famous PowerFit 30-Day LEG SHRED IN DIGITAL E-BOOK COPY ONLY*

*For the glossy printed A5 copy hard copy check out the HARD COPY BUNDLE option.

This workout plan has been one of the most popular PowerFit downloads!

EVERYONE wants sculpted legs right? Everyone wants a rock-hard booty?

The most important thing to know about the 30-Day Leg shred is that is it NOT only for those who want to ‘shred!’ – You want to BUILD lower body muscle? YES this program will do that! All of the PowerFit training plans include info about rep range and resting period. You can then change up these factors to change the outcome according to your goals!

This book now also includes 2 PowerFit recipes complete with nutritional info! Train right AND eat well to achieve your goals NOW!

ADD to your order?

NEW VIDEOS – Download the BRAND new PowerFit video exercise glossary that goes with each book. EVERY single exercise videoed with a step by step explanation of HOW to correctly complete each move. This add-on is PRICELESS! Technique can make or break your results. One purchased use your unique password to watch these videos as often as you like! I can now literally be right in your pocket as you exercise 🙂

The AMRAP Digital Duo will be your upper-body friend whilst you complete this 30-Day Leg Shred program. Add in one upper body AMRAP each week and you’ll be hitting everything!

OR if you are curious about the other 30-Day gym programs? Check out the 3 x e-book bundle with both the Hard Copy and Digital file for fantastic value!

Grace xx

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