Everyone wants sculpted legs and a rock-hard booty, right?  

These workout plans target each area of the leg, gluteus, hamstrings, quads, calves, inner and outer thigh and absolutely everything in-between. The mix up of cardio will fire up your fitness level and the plyometric leg sessions will leave you walking about satisfied with jelly legs!  

The 30-day leg shred is not only for those who want to shred but also for those who want to build lower body muscle! All PowerFit training plans include rep range and resting period info so you can customize to modify to the outcome according to your goals!  

Bonus 2 PowerFit recipes with nutritional info so you can train right and eat well to achieve your goals now!   

Want more? 

The AMRAP E-book will be your upper-body friend whilst you complete this 30-Day Leg Shred program. Add in one upper body AMRAP each week and you’ll be hitting everything!