My PowerFit Pregnancy E-book


What you’ll find in My PowerFit Pregnancy Book:

  • Training guidance (how to maintain your fitness during pregnancy, pregnancy-safe exercises, rep ranges, how often you should exercise and more!
  • Nutrition (food choices, how much to eat, hydration and flexible dieting + two bonus PowerFit recipes! If you want more check out HYPE.)
  • Additional pregnancy tips and knowledge.
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Pregnant? Or planning to be? With Grace’s first-hand tips to having a fit pregnancy, this book is a must-have!

“I am so grateful for my pregnancy. I was also able to learn so much about my body, and  experience first-hand just what we as women are capable of! I am so passionate about wanting to help you and help you achieve a fit pregnancy. It can be a tad scary when you first find out that you are expecting a little one (well it was for me anyway!) and suddenly you are faced with people’s opinions and contradicting do’s and don’ts! Read this book, and trust me you will feel 100 times better!”- Grace

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