This Post Baby Journey ebook is an overview of Grace’s personal post-baby journey and her return to fitness, to help you on yours!  

This book will answer all post-partum queries and guide you through your new fitness journey from day 1. This book is perfect for those who have recently had their babies to 10 months post-partum!   

Including pelvic floor exercises and two phases of training plans suitable for a home-workout or for you to take to the gym. It is also suitable for those who are experiencing pelvic floor issues more than 10 months post-partum- it’s never too late to start!  

Bonus 2 PowerFit recipes with nutritional info suitable for tired-new mummas!  

Want more? 

After following through phase 1 & 2 of this program and you feel confident to return to pre-baby activities/exercise you can jump into a PowerFit 30-Day challenge. Either the 30-Days-to-Fit home workout plan or our gym-based programs available in the 3 x PowerFit book + Hard digital duo bundle. Check them out!