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Training and Nutrition go hand in hand. If one of these aspects in un-balanced, you will NOT achieve your desired results. Think about it this way:

“Your training will determine your SHAPE, and your nutrition will determine your SIZE”.

With PowerFit Online transformation coaching you can expect to:

  • Achieve your health and fitness goals

  • Feel supported and encouraged

  • Find an exercise routine that you enjoy

  • Learn about what works for your body

  • Get educated

  • Form daily rituals that will stay with you for life

  • Feel confident!

  • And learn HOW to maintain your results

Purchase now – $435.49
  • 6-week online mentoring
  • Includes a 6-week personalised training plan to follow for the duration
  • A meal plan and macro guide according to goals given on a weekly basis and determined upon each weekly check-in
  • Weekly online check-ins
  • Mid-week motivational contact
  • Email support as needed throughout the 6 weeks
  • PowerFit personal planner – printable to make copies for 6 the total of the weeks
Purchase now – $137.39
  • 6-week personalised training plan
  • PowerFit personal planner – printable to make copies for 6 the total of the weeks
Purchase now – $297
  • 6-WEEK online coaching service for those who are confident self-tracking their diet and following set guidelines
  • Includes weekly check-ins with prescribed caloric and macronutrient intake according to progress
  • Email support as needed throughout the 6-weeks
Purchase now – $225.45
  • 4-week personalised meal plan -1 x meal plan per week
  • PowerFit personal planner – printable to make copies for 6 the total of the weeks

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