Why Self-Track? 

If you’re considering whether to start self-tracking, this one’s for you. 

Yvette Jones 

Ah the age old question; to track or not to track. Some diets give you a list of foods to stick to; some have created their own arbitrary systems to help with tracking. So why do we love tracking? It’s a great way to get to know the nutrition content of food, and work out which foods are better ‘value’ than others. It also sets up a natural understanding of healthy meals, snacks, and downright intuitive eating down the road. However there is one caveat- if you have a history of eating disorders or obsessive compulsive behaviour, tracking might not be for you. But for everyone else- heck yes! 

We are solid advocates for tracking, If It Fits Your Macros (IIFYM), and a calories in vs calories out approach. This has a fair few advantages which we’ll touch on here. Firstly, it strips food down to its bare components. There’s no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods, there’s no question of morality or ethics, all that matters is that it fits into your macros. This reduces the stigma from certain foods, like chocolate and pizza, and brings them back to a ‘normal’ food status. All foods are just foods, some are higher in protein, some are higher in fat, some higher in sugar. But IIFYM go for it! 

Next, because you’re able to include any food in your healthy eating lifestyle, it reduces the feelings of restriction of other diet plans. Now, if all humans were able to steer clear of temptation and stick to strict diets- everyone would already be in their ideal body! But alas, we’re not robots and we’re not meant to be restricted for long periods of time. This is where most diets fail because it’s only natural to crave the forbidden fruit of off-limits foods. By including foods that you love, you reduce the feeling of restriction and make it more likely to stick to your healthy lifestyle. 

Which brings us to our next advantage. You’re going to feel so much better about yourself with so much more confidence, power, and self-worth compared to if you tried and failed multiple fad diets. And that gets downright exhausting after a while. If you’re sick of trying every magic cure under the sun, only to feel like you’re the failure when it doesn’t work- PLEASE give self-tracking a go. We promise it’s not as bad as the other things you’ve tried! 

And lastly, because you’re not yo-yoing between being on a diet and bingeing on unhealthy foods- self-tracking is way better for your body as well as your mental state. When you lose weight rapidly your body turns on all of its tricks to maintain homeostasis. It doesn’t know you want to lose weight, it just knows it has to stop it! Which is why you’ll regain that weight quicker than you lost it- and then some, as a safety buffer. When you gain weight quickly your body actually produces more fat cells, meaning it will be easier for your body to hold more fat. It seriously is lose-lose. How do you beat it?  

Do it the right way in the first place! 

So why do we love tracking? You’ll learn about food and nutrition. You’ll be smashing your health and body goals the safe way. You’ll be more likely to maintain your goals. AND you’ll be enjoying all your favourite foods along the way. That’s why we love self-tracking, and why you should, too. Need more? Check out our eBook Flexible Eating and our article Queen’s Guide to Self-Tracking 


  • Meal plans and nutrition education

  • 8 Week training plan with workout cards and follow along videos

  • Accountability and goal setting

  • $1000 worth of prizes to be won


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