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“The ultimate goal, is to feel comfortable in your own skin”

Grace is passionate about educating women, teaching them how to live a healthy and active life without resorting to fad diets and extreme methods. Being a mum of 2 and having worked as a personal trainer for 7 years, Grace understands first-hand that women want flexibility, variety and personalised support on their health and fitness journey.

At PowerFit by Grace, we are all about mastering a balanced approach for your body transformation!

‘Fun foods’ you love combined with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle is the method we believe in for sustainable results. Grace has found balance within her routine, and we want to show you how to find yours!

Transform your body, for life.

We understand that everyone’s goals and journey are unique. Whether you are taking the first step to work on your health and fitness, perhaps needing a push to take it to the next level, a new mum wanting to lose post pregnancy weight or aiming to compete in body building or fitness competition, we are here to support you.

We are the experts for your body transformation!


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Start your body transformation today!

Our online coaching services are 100% personalised to suit your goals and your lifestyle.

Personalised meal plans strategized with your food preferences, customised workout plans, mindset mentoring and one-on-one weekly support from your assigned team nutritionist, all aligned with Grace’s tried and tested methods and body transformation principles.

Our PowerFit programs include everything you need to reach your goals, your way.

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