9 Best Diet Tips for Weight Loss 

It can be tough deciphering which diet is best for weight loss. We fill you in on our best diet tips to lose weight fast. 

powerfit weight loss tips

Have you ever wanted to know diet shortcuts, the best ways to fast-track results? There ARE ways to diet smarter, not harder. Use our diet tips below to help you lose weight in no time, without even thinking about it. 

1. Volume foods 

Fill your day with foods that provide more bang for their buck- high volume foods means you can eat more for less calories. Include foods like leafy greens, popcorn, and watermelon. 

2. Water, water, water! 

Always get your 2 litres a day- minimum! Water will help keep you full and make sure your body is running at its best. Don’t forget sugar-free flavoured water, cordials, and herbal teas also count. 

3. Avoid high calorie drinks 

Don’t fill up with sugary drinks like fancy coffees and full-strength soft drinks. Even fruit juice can be full of sugar, without providing any sense of fullness. So best to steer clear. 

4. Choose high protein 

Add protein to every meal. This has the double benefit of making you feel fuller for longer, plus raising your metabolism slightly with it’s high thermic affect. Winning! Go for lean sources such as chicken breast, cottage cheese, and lean steak. 

5. High fibre foods 

Include high fibre foods to keep you regular, but also fill you up. Fibre quite literally swells and fills the intestines, making you feel full, plus it slows the movement of digestion meaning you feel fuller for longer. High fibre foods include wholegrains, berries, nuts and seeds. 

6. Cut distractions while eating 

Turn off the TV and put your phone down! When you concentrate on what you’re eating you’ll enjoy it more AND be more in tune to your hunger and satiety cues. 

7. Chew slowly 

Slow down there, tiger. Have you ever noticed the faster you eat, the more you can eat? When you shovel down food you sidestep the signals from your stomach that tell you you’ve eaten enough. It can take up to 20 minutes for that full feeling to creep up on you, so slow down and you’ll end up eating less. 

8. Use smaller plates- no really! 

It’s been scientifically proven that serving your food on smaller plates and bowls, plus using smaller forks and spoons, will help you eat less! Because you see a fuller serving dish, your brain thinks you’re eating more. 

9. It’s ok to be hungry 

And lucky last, it’s common to feel hungry while in a calorie deficit- and that’s fine! Too often we run from feeling hungry when it’s something we need to be familiar with. Then you can better tell the difference between true hunger and boredom or emotions. 



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